B. Sexton

A home of 60 years where four sisters grew up. Now time to sell as their lives were elsewhere and they had their own families. Much sentimentality was attached to the sale. We had to have the right person who would see the value of the years, be patient with the stories, and care about the right new owners. Marcy Eastman. Marcy was recommended by neighbors who knew her from friendship and business. Marcy was familiar with the culture and progress of the particular location, the importance of different ages, and the unique quality of differences. Marcy spent a lot of time listening to our requirements and suggesting direction from her years of expertise. She was patient on the timeline as it was quite a process to go through our business as well as the nostalgia of our childhood home. Then the perfect buyer. It was Marcy who had an acquaintance who wanted to live in that neighborhood, that home, and had boys. We were very satisfied with the outcome and it was a smooth process from beginning to end.

Andreea & Scott

Marcy is a fabulous Realtor®. She helped my husband and me sell our home. This was a big decision for us so we felt that we had to get the best Realtor® to do the job. She made us feel comfortable from the first time she walked through our house and we felt that she was more of a friend than just there to do business. She worked very hard throughout the process. She was eager and dependable. She was innovative in getting quality clients into our home. She knows the neighborhood inside and out so we could not have chosen a better Realtor® to be on our side. She even helped us with ideas that would make our home sell faster, helped us negotiate the price and terms, and was with us for the inspection, etc. She really went above and beyond and was so sweet and easy to get along with. Highly recommend working with her. You will feel so well taken care of and satisfied. We did!


We moved to Denver with our son who was 2 weeks at the time. To say the least, we were somewhat scattered in our wants! Marcy was patient with us as we were determined to get into a house immediately. She toured homes almost daily with us! She revisited several homes so both my husband and I could see them. Her communication was fantastic! She updated us daily with new possibilities. Soon enough, she found the perfect house for our new little family! It met all of our must-haves and we got to walk through it and put an offer in before it hit the market. Not only did she see us through the sale, but when problems came up several months later, Marcy was right there to help us go back to the seller who took care of all problems! We will absolutely go back to Marcy for any future home purchases or sales!

S. & S. Foster

We are so grateful for Marcy's help with our recent home purchase and sale! She was so patient and responsive as we waited over a year for our purchasing deal to be completed. Marcy was a great advocate and connected well with both the seller we purchased from and the buyer of our home. All communications went smoothly. She was a great coach and made room for us to bring our own ideas and preferences to the process. Marcy laid the groundwork that enabled our home to sell the first day it went on the market. After waiting a year for the home we intended to purchase, a quick sale was so encouraging! Her team lead us through the paperwork for all closings and kept us on track. Our closing day was all smiling! We're thankful Marcy helped us get into the home we hoped for.

Megan C.

My experience with Marcy was fantastic! I'm an experienced buyer and seller so I have worked with many brokers. Marcy was incredibly knowledgeable about the two neighborhoods in which I was looking and offered perspective on the cost/benefit of both. She had an amazing grasp of what I wanted in a home and showed me many options that fulfilled those, as well as provided good market comparisons so I felt comfortable purchasing in a new neighborhood and town. She explained, thoroughly, what each had to offer yet was very respectful of my time. She was always available when I needed her, relentless when we finally put in an offer, and saw me through to the very end. I would recommend Marcy to anyone buying or selling a home in Denver!


Marcy was phenomenal when she was our agent in 2006 and she has only gotten more skilled and devoted this time around! When we were ready to look for a house a few months ago, we knew exactly who to call. We have kept in touch through her regular email mailing through the years. She is the best at calming me down and reassurance me through this very stressful (at times) ordeal. She even kept in contact with us when she was on vacation in Europe! Talk about working for her clients! A day doesn't go by that I am not grateful for her devotion, skill, and general love of what she does.

Work With Marcy

I credit my success to putting the needs of my clients first by being accessible, listening with care, communicating precisely, and responding quickly. And now, more than ever, I would be honored to be your agent with this important decision and investment.
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