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Central Park

It is the largest residential neighborhood within the city of Denver.

Welcome to Central Park

Central Park, previously Stapleton, is a neighborhood within the city limits of Denver, Colorado. Located east of downtown Denver, the neighborhood is at the former site of the decommissioned Stapleton International Airport, which closed in 1995. It is the largest residential neighborhood within the city of Denver. The Central Park Neighborhood contains twelve specifically named sub-neighborhoods, 11 public/private schools, 50 parks (including city regional and community pocket-parks), 7 pools, several shopping and business districts, a city of Denver recreation center, and a Denver library. The latest population as of 2021 is estimated at 27,000.
The neighborhood consists of varying architectural styles (from ultra modern to traditional). The vast majority of single-family homes have alley-loaded garages. The types of housing also varies (including single-family, condos, live-work townhomes, row homes, duplexes, and high-density apartments).
The 80238 zip code (which encompasses almost all of the Central Park community and is entirely within the neighborhood) is known as one of the wealthiest or highest average household income zip codes in the Denver metro area.
It is located almost exactly equidistant to downtown and the Denver International Airport approx. 20 minutes. The 80-acre Central Park, outdoor pools, and over 30% of the total land devoted to parks and open space encourage an active lifestyle among residents and visitors. Summer outdoor movies, concerts, festivals, and open-air markets are just some of the amenities of this popular and award-winning neighborhood.
In 2020 the local community voted to change its long established name from Stapleton to Central Park. (Info from Wikipedia)

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